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AOSP R11 Jelly Bean 4.2.2 JDQ39 + Kernel v3.0.70 Linaro By udK


Ecco l’ultima release della ROM creata da udK per il Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Come ci ha sempre abituati anche stavolta ha creato un’ottima ROM, veloce, stabile e senza troppi fronzoli ma molti contenuti.

kernel + ramdisk:

  • Kernel updated to: 3.0.70 (compiled with Linaro GCC 4.7-2013.02)
  • Compressed zImage – LZO
  • Color Control (use this app to change values: Trickster Mod)
  • FSync Control
  • Force AC (fast) charging
  • Enabled adb root
  • Disabled ro.adb.secure
  • Available I/O Schedulers: Deadline – CFQ – No-op – BFQ v6
  • Available CPUFreq govenor: performance – powersave – userspace – ondemand – interactive – conservative – hotplug
  • Enabled CIFS support
  • Enabled TUN support


  • AOSP Jelly Bean 4.2.2 build JDQ39
  • Google Apps JDQ39
  • rooted
  • CyanogenMod cLock widget
  • Koush Superuser
  • SMS/MMS (privacy mode – quick reply – templates)
  • Lockscreen (customt targets – custom wallpaper – enable/disable maximized widget)
  • Navigation bar (buttons customizations – custom height – quick launch shortcuts)
  • Status Bar customizations
  • LED customization
  • Emoji support
  • Dialpad T9
  • Volume rocker wake
  • Volume rocker music control
  • Gapps removed: Google Current – Google Books – Genie widget – Google Ears – Google Magazines – Google+ – Wallet
  • /app and /framework ODEXed
  • busybox v1.21.0
  • Volume Louder fix
  • Enabled support to /etc/init.d support
  • AD Block /etc/hosts
  • Enabled Adobe FlashPlayer


21 March 2013 - R11

[+]Updated to android_4.2.2_r1 (build JDQ39) [+]Kernel: merged diff from android-omap-tuna-3.0-jb-mr1.1 [+]Kernel updated to v3.0.70 [+]Kernel recompiled with linaro-4.7-2013.02 [+]Updated I/O scheduler BFQ to v6 [+]Added Torch tile [+]Added new Koush Superuser [+]Added Launch music player on headset connect [+]Added CyanogenMod cLock widget (ex Chronus) [+]Added Lockscreen: custom Target [+]Added Lockscreen: custom Wallpaper [+]Added Lockscreen: enable/disable maximized widget [+]Added Navigation bar: Buttons customizations [+]Added Navigation bar: Custom height [+]Added Navigation bar: Quick launch shortcuts [+]Added Status Bar customizations [+]Added LED customization [+]Updated host file (AdBlock – 25/02/2013) [+]Updated Adobe Flash Player v11.1.115.48 [+]Updated YouTube 4.3.9 [+]Updated Google Play Store 3.10.14 [+]Updated Google Play Services 3.0.25 (583950-10) [+]Updated Talkback 3.3.0 [+]Updated busybox 1.21.0 [-]Removed Quick Settings Mod features [-]Removed old SuperSU ..others small fixes and improvements 18 December 2012 – R8 [+]Kernel updated to 3.0.57 [+]Kernel recompiled with linaro-4.7-2012.11 [+]Updated TalkBack 3.2.1 [+]Updated SuperSU 0.99 [+]Updated Gmail 4.2.1 [+]Updated Google Maps 6.14.2 [+]Updated Google Now [+]Updated Google Earth [+]Updated YouTube 4.2.16 [+]Updated Adobe Flash Player [+]Update Google Play Services 2.0.12 [+]Update Google Play Store 3.10.10 [+]Update Google Calendar 201212060 [+]Added “Clear all” button on recent apps [+]Added long press Back to kill app [+]Added Quick Message reply [+]Added Emojis support [+]Added customizable Navigation bar [+]Added customizable Lockscreen targets [+]Added option to control cursor in text fields using volume keys [+]Enabled Sound Recorder [+]OTG can mount multiple volumes via mass storage [+]OTG support NTFS (read only) UMS devices [-]Removed Launcher landscape mode [!]Fixed OTG UMS notifications [!]Fixed OTG UMS infos in Settings -> Storage 28 November 2012 – R7 [+]Updated to Android 4.2.1 (build JOP40D) [+]Updated to Kernel 3.0.53 [+]Added Volume rocker wake [+]Added Volume rocker music control [+]Added Dialpad T9 [+]Automount on /storage/usbdisk (OTG connected devices) [+]Added FSync Control – http://goo.gl/iyih4 [+]Updated Quick Settings [+]Added Quick Settings Mod app [+]Force AC (fast) charging – http://goo.gl/62i7p (App to control it http://goo.gl/f7a9K) [!]Fixed CM File Manager 22 November 2012 – R6 [+]Updated Kernel with latest AOSP 4.2 patches [+]Updated Kernel to v3.0.52 [+]Included trinity’s kernel patch for colours [+]Added support for color control [+]Added Expanded Desktop mode [+]Added Lockscreen widgets mod (thx to kevdliu) [+]Added QuickSettings (thx to kevdliu) [+]Updated BFQ to v5 [+]Updated Google Play Store 3.10.9 [+]Switched from AOSP Calendar to Google Calendar [!]Fixed Deep Sleep (no more battery drain) [!]Fixed Calendar (december month missing in calendar) [!]Fixed Clock in Daydream FC [-]Removed Google Ears 17 November 2012 – R5 [+]Upgraded to AOSP Jelly Bean 4.2 (build JOP40C) [+]Upgraded to Google Apps JOP40C [+]Updated to Kernel 3.0.51 [+]Added the extended Power menu (reboot, reboot recovery and reboot bootloader) [+]Added Google keyboard with swipe features [+]Added Google Camera with Photosphere [+]Added Apollo music player [+]Added DSP Manager [+]Added volume louder fix [+]Added the ability to recognize HSPA+ signal (H+ icon) [+]Enabled remote Backup&Restore option [+]Enabled GTalk with video effects [+]Enabled Landscape mode [+]Added rotation lock in Quick Settings and some more!

How to install:

  1. Be sure to have latest Baseband and CWM Recovery or TWRP Recovery!
  2. Download and copy the zip to the sdcard
  3. Reboot in recovery, full wipe and flash it.

Known bugs:

  1. A string in ENG language is missing ->
    will fix it on the next release.


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  • AOSP_R11_JDQ39_21.03.2013
    MD5: afec02aa009d2245252817fc3bd674db

Some special thanks to:

  • kevdliu
  • Rascal
  • rascarlo
  • Ezekeel
  • morfic
  • CyanogenMod Team
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    22 marzo 2013 a 8:53 | #1

    e una rom fluida? quali vantaggi da la compilazione con linaro?

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